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Dec 20

When Something is NOT Better Than Nothing—Part 2

By Norell Albanis

Last week, we shared the first part of this series discussing the hidden dangers of do-it-yourself estate planning. In part two, we cover one of the greatest risks posed by DIY documents.  You might think you can save time and money by using do-it-yourself estate planning documents you find online. You’re probably anxious to check estate […]

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Nov 30

When Something is NOT Better Than Nothing—Part 1

By Norell Albanis

Go online, and you’ll find tons of websites offering do-it-yourself estate planning documents. Such forms are typically quite inexpensive. Simple wills, for example, are often priced under $50, and you can complete and print them out in a matter of minutes. In our uber-busy lives and DIY culture, it’s no surprise that this kind of thing […]

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Sep 24

It’s Raining Lawsuits! Do You Need an Umbrella?

By Norell Albanis

It’s no secret that we live in a litigious society. And though our right to a fair trial is one of the hallmarks of American democracy, it has also led to a lawsuit-crazy culture. In this atmosphere, you’re at near-constant risk for costly lawsuits, many times even when you’ve done nothing wrong. This is especially true […]

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