More Than Just Your Money
​Leaving A Real Legacy That Captures Who You Are And What Is Important To You

How We Guide You to Leave a Legacy That’s About Much More Than Just Your Money

After you are gone, your loved ones will miss you deeply. They will long for your words of counsel and concern. Hearing your voice again would be a tremendous gift.

Through our unique legacy process, you can give your loved ones the most precious gift – a lasting expression of your love.

What could be more valuable?

We believe estate planning is not just about transferring your financial assets and personal belongings. It’s equally about capturing and transferring your valuable intangible gifts: who you are and what's important to you – your values, insights, stories and experiences.

Let Me Tell You A Story

Several years ago, my dad died. He was my favorite person.

In addition to my wonderful memories and photos of him, I have a few special items that I truly cherish. One is  a beautiful poem he to wrote me years ago. Another is an old cap he used to wear that still smells like him.  And the third item is my wedding video, where I’m the only who knows what he was whispering to me in that special moment caught while we were dancing.  

For years I thought that was all I had. Then one day I decided to install a phone landline at my house because I was getting spotty cell service. I suddenly remembered that I kept an old phone in the garage, and so I dug it out a dusty box and wondered if it would even work.  When I plugged it in it showed that I had 5 saved messages. I pressed play, and sure enough, all 5 were messages from my dad - they were way too funny and clever to have ever been erased!

I was overjoyed when I discovered those messages. And I thought, how special  would it be if I had a recording of my dad telling me what he loved about me, what his hopes for me were, what life lessons were most important to him, or just any wisdom he wanted to share.

Thank You

Norell Albanis Estate Planning

Thanks for your interest. I know you have a lot of options when it comes to legal planning. Albanis Law, P.A. is grateful to be  a trusted advisor to Naples and Southwest Florida residents. I look forward to meeting with you. Schedule today!

You Could Make A Recording, But Who Has Time?

When I was first in practice, I would tell my clients to record a message for their loved ones and put it in a safe place or simply write notes to their children letting them know how they felt about them.

But so few people ever actually did it.

We just get so caught up with the day to day of our lives that focusing in on leaving a legacy seems to take a back seat.

We Help You Capture These Precious Moments

We realized we would have to build this into our planning process and not make it just another thing you’ll get done someday.

That’s why at Albanis Law, P.A., we make it part of our planning for every client to help you capture and pass on more than just your money: your intellectual, spiritual and human assets.

We help you capture who you are and what’s important to you.

What Would It Be Worth?

Can you picture someone who has passed away, someone you love and miss deeply? Can you recall a conversation you had with them? Can you remember the sound of their voice and what they told you? What if you could hear their voice again? What if they could speak to you – heart to heart – and share their wisdom and advice?

What would it be worth to you to hear their words one more time?

What is it worth to you to know that they’ll always know exactly how much you love them? It’s worth a lot to us and we are honored to be able to provide you and your family with this gift.

For more information about how we help you pass on your most valuable assets – your values, insights, stories and experiences – to your loved ones, or about our resources for leaving your family with a true legacy, please contact us.​

Or schedule your Family Wealth Planning Session online ​and we’ll discuss together exactly how we build this into our planning process designed exactly for people like you who want to leave a real legacy.

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